Registered Social Landlords

Since the intial start up of the company we have been firmly based in this sector and is the core of our business. With our vast experience in this area we can deliver a high quality fencing service to suit your contract needs. As a company we fufil various contracts from Responsive repairs (inc. Schedule of rates), Planned Maintenance, Cyclical and Regeneration Projects to name a few.

Our aim is to deliver these in a customer focused manner with the emphasis being that we deliver the end product to the RSL within budget and to time schedule. We also pride ourselves on being ever mindful of the residents needs in respect of in the care of their homes whilst carrying out works and the need for appointments to be met on time. The range of fencing systems available is vast and we are able to implement the correct systems to meet the needs of the project in terms of cost and effectiveness of the fencing style required.

Please contact us for a consultation on your contract requirements.